BPO - business process outsourcing services

A1 BPO is backed by our expertise in people and technology.

Our business process outsourcing services, which focus heavily on business outcomes, are pivotal in achieving significant risk and cost reductions, while also improving business transparency and efficiency. We are a recognised sed outsource service provider both to government and the private sector. Our BPO services are outsourced either by way of “purchase of seat” or delivery of service. We have the proven ability to securely transfer and manage large volumes of data, provide regular feedback and meet service level expectations. We have an experienced business process outsourcing team, both in inbound and outbound contact.

In applying our integrated BPO model, we are able to effectively process and analyse direct sales, leveraging off the customer inflow from our call centre and field agents. The following services are provided: 

  1. Inbound sales & response handling
  2. Outbound Telesales & Telemarketing
  3. Up-sell & Cross-sell initiatives
  4. Lead generation & appointment bookings

A1 BPO aims to outline our customers' journey and nurture this experience to align with the overall goal of achieving a successful interaction and transaction. We aim to achieve this by adopting a personalised customer experience equipped to provide the following services:

  1. Proactive customer contact
  2. Courtesy Calls
  3. Welcome Calls
  4. Satisfaction Surveys
  5. Market Research
  6. VIP Customer Programmes

Our BPO customer service team is readily available to support the various stages of a transaction. In doing so, we are able to effectively connect our customers with the services and products purchase. The following services are offered though this channel: 

  1. Help Desk
  2. Inquiry Desk
  3. Competition Lines
  4. Data Cleaning
  5. Account Queries
  6. Complaint Management & Resolution Management

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We are a recognised outsource service provider both to the government and the private sector.

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A1 Financial Services is a Licensed Financial Services Provider FSP No. 47264 Reg. No. 2016 / 209516 / 07
A1 Financial Services is registered with The Council of Debt Collectors (CDC) Certificate No. 0041564/10
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